There is more to buying a business than just the price…….

Ian understands from years of experience that an initial enquiry from a buyer doesn’t simply mean they will automatically buy that business. Only through meeting a buyer “face to face” and through careful questioning will Ian unearth the requirements of the buyer, to allow Ian to work with the buyer to find the right business fit that will “tick all the buyers boxes”.

Helping a buyer to find the right business may have nothing to do with the price (as most people would think). Businesses are purchased for a myriad of reasons; location, lifestyle, return on investment, particular industry, bolt-on scenario, easy to operate, expansion opportunities, minimal owner involvement and so on, price is one element of the purchase process – but not the only consideration.

Ian has sold hundreds of businesses through Benchmark since joining the team in 2005, he is a senior broker for the company capable of negotiating a win-win outcome for both the buyer and seller.

Let me help you negotiate a win-win outcome.

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